Care to spread the word about Prosopopoeia? You can help me out a great deal by printing one (or several) of these ads, and hanging them in public places. Or you could simply hang them on your wall and wait for somebody to notice. That's fine, too.


Flyer (JPG)

Here's a mini-poster for Prosopopoeia, featuring a mug shot of our protagonist. Optimized for a standard 8x11 sheet. Print and propagate! Feel free to vandalize/edit it beforehand if you so desire.

Ad Sheet (PDF)

Here's a PDF file that has nine miniaturized versions of the standard flyer on it. Optimized for an 8x11 sheet. Print, cut, and propagate!

You can also vote for Prosopopoeia on TopWebComics. It does not require a registration -- merely a couple of clicks of your mouse. You can vote once daily. Your support would be a tremendous help.