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Lex writes:

“Fixed the blog archive! Hooray!”

I have no idea why the blog archive container decided it was acceptable to stretch beyond its parent container, but I've prodded it enough that it should be good to go from here on out. Now if I could only find a way to put the most recent blog post on the front page, so that I don't have to keep relying on Author Notes for bloggy purposes...

Lex writes:

“Still alive; update forthcoming.”

Hello all! I'm back from my vacation, mostly in one piece. I might draw some pages about my adventures in the future. But we have an ongoing arc to worry about first! I should have a new page ready for you tomorrow night, and updates will resume as normal (whatever that constitutes) thereafter.

Lex writes:

“August could be slow...”

Hello all! This is a quick PSA to let you know August might be a slow month for Prosopopoeia. I'll be away for a long weekend at the start of the month, and then for an entire week midway through. I'm not certain I'll be able to update during those periods. There's a new arc debuting in the near future, though, so with luck, we'll have that completed before September.

Lex writes:

“Two New Wallpapers”

In lieu of some new content today, I put together a couple of wallpapers featuring the Vitruvian J from Imitatio Ad Absurdium 3. I hope you enjoy them! If there are any other images you want as wallpapers, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Lex writes:

“Almost finished with this arc...!”

One more page to go! I've been having some trouble coming up with the visual(s) for it, so it's taking me longer than expected. I should be able to produce something for you tomorrow night, pending certain unmentionable hypotheticals. We'll leave it at that.


The next arc is more or less ready to launch, but I think I'll take a week or two for standalones before it goes live. The forthcoming arc will be short-ish like the current one. Ten pages or so seems like a reasonable length to me, but let me know if you're more interested in longer arcs. I will accommodate!

Lex writes:

“Pixel fanart over at Cactus Canyon”

The good people of Cactus Canyon have used their low-res magic to craft a nifty pixelated animation of J. Give it a look! Be sure to stick around for their hilarious comic, too.

Lex writes:

“New arc debuts at some point this week!”

The next arc is mostly complete. I only need to put some finishing polish on it, and devise a worthwhile title. Shouldn't take too long! Also, it will be MUCH shorter than the last one, so it won't be much of an endurance test -- for you and me both. Stay tuned!