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Lex writes:

“Still alive; update forthcoming.”

Hello all! I'm back from my vacation, mostly in one piece. I might draw some pages about my adventures in the future. But we have an ongoing arc to worry about first! I should have a new page ready for you tomorrow night, and updates will resume as normal (whatever that constitutes) thereafter.

Lex writes:

“August could be slow...”

Hello all! This is a quick PSA to let you know August might be a slow month for Prosopopoeia. I'll be away for a long weekend at the start of the month, and then for an entire week midway through. I'm not certain I'll be able to update during those periods. There's a new arc debuting in the near future, though, so with luck, we'll have that completed before September.

Lex writes:

“Two New Wallpapers”

In lieu of some new content today, I put together a couple of wallpapers featuring the Vitruvian J from Imitatio Ad Absurdium 3. I hope you enjoy them! If there are any other images you want as wallpapers, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Lex writes:

“Almost finished with this arc...!”

One more page to go! I've been having some trouble coming up with the visual(s) for it, so it's taking me longer than expected. I should be able to produce something for you tomorrow night, pending certain unmentionable hypotheticals. We'll leave it at that.


The next arc is more or less ready to launch, but I think I'll take a week or two for standalones before it goes live. The forthcoming arc will be short-ish like the current one. Ten pages or so seems like a reasonable length to me, but let me know if you're more interested in longer arcs. I will accommodate!

Lex writes:

“Pixel fanart over at Cactus Canyon”

The good people of Cactus Canyon have used their low-res magic to craft a nifty pixelated animation of J. Give it a look! Be sure to stick around for their hilarious comic, too.

Lex writes:

“New arc debuts at some point this week!”

The next arc is mostly complete. I only need to put some finishing polish on it, and devise a worthwhile title. Shouldn't take too long! Also, it will be MUCH shorter than the last one, so it won't be much of an endurance test -- for you and me both. Stay tuned!

Lex writes:

“When did those buttons disappear?”

I noticed that a bunch of the sidebar buttons disappeared for no reason. I have no idea why that happened, but it's fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience!