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Lex writes:

“New arc debuts at some point this week!”

The next arc is mostly complete. I only need to put some finishing polish on it, and devise a worthwhile title. Shouldn't take too long! Also, it will be MUCH shorter than the last one, so it won't be much of an endurance test -- for you and me both. Stay tuned!

Lex writes:

“When did those buttons disappear?”

I noticed that a bunch of the sidebar buttons disappeared for no reason. I have no idea why that happened, but it's fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Lex writes:

“The Manatee Button Is Not a Glitch.”

You see that "Tip Jar" button over there on the left? If you click it, you will arrive at the Save the Manatee Club's homepage. This is not a glitch! I figured I'd try to put Prosopopoeia to good use, and make it a [minimally effective] fundraising tool for a worthwhile environmental charity.


No worries if you don't feel like donating anything. I won't complain! But if you want to do a good deed for today, consider giving a little bit to the manatees. Future generations should have a chance to see them, so say I.

Lex writes:

“New Layout!”

I've given the sidebar buttons a much-needed overhaul. Now, instead of bland hyperlink text, we have pretty little Prosopopoeia-themed images! If you're not a fan of the site's new look, however, be sure to let me know. I want to keep this site as aesthetically pleasing for my readers my possible, and I welcome any input!

Lex writes:

“Concept art now included under "Extras."”

In lieu of providing a page tonight, I've uploaded some of the sketches behind Prosopopoeia's genesis. You can find them on the "Extras" page under "Concept Art." Since there's not much on that page as of yet, it shouldn't be too difficult to locate... I'll dig through my sketchbooks at some point this week, and scan anything else worth posting.

Lex writes:

“Extras Page”

I've put up an "Extras" page as of two minutes ago. You can find it embedded in the site layout on the left. I'll place downloadable Prosopopoeia goodies there as I develop them. At present, there are four wallpapers there for the taking. Enjoy!

Lex writes:

“Forthcoming arc: "Practical Necromancy!"”

Admittedly, it's a working title. I'm rather fond of it, though, so it might not change. Anyway, new arc shortly! I'm putting the finishing touches on the script, and the inaugural page will debut soon. If not this weekend, then early next week!