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Lex writes:

“Concept art now included under "Extras."”

In lieu of providing a page tonight, I've uploaded some of the sketches behind Prosopopoeia's genesis. You can find them on the "Extras" page under "Concept Art." Since there's not much on that page as of yet, it shouldn't be too difficult to locate... I'll dig through my sketchbooks at some point this week, and scan anything else worth posting.

Lex writes:

“Extras Page”

I've put up an "Extras" page as of two minutes ago. You can find it embedded in the site layout on the left. I'll place downloadable Prosopopoeia goodies there as I develop them. At present, there are four wallpapers there for the taking. Enjoy!

Lex writes:

“Forthcoming arc: "Practical Necromancy!"”

Admittedly, it's a working title. I'm rather fond of it, though, so it might not change. Anyway, new arc shortly! I'm putting the finishing touches on the script, and the inaugural page will debut soon. If not this weekend, then early next week!

Lex writes:

“Awesome J Cameo by JaymeSorra”

The great JaymeSorra has inserted J into the latest entry of The Vague Title. Take a look! I never imagined J would receive such an honor, and I'm grateful for it.

Lex writes:

“Academic Conferences and Other Such Nuisances”

I have spent the last half-week wandering New York City for a comparative literature conference. It has sapped what little free time I would have had for drawing new things for you. Another conference looms on the horizon, two weeks from now, which will also devour a great deal of time and energy.


Consequently, new strips for Prosopopoeia might be a little scarce in the near future. I'll have at least one standalone for you this week and the next. With luck, I'll have the next full arc scripted for mid-April, after which I should be able to maintain a decent update schedule.


Thank you for your patience and support. Si vales, valeo.

Lex writes:

“Why I'm Disinclined to Reply to Comments”

First, I want to thank all of you readers for following Prosopopoeia. I'm grateful that you spend time with my comic, and that so many of you have kind things to say about it. But you might notice that I rarely -- if ever -- say anything [directly] back.


Please don't mistake my reticence for neglect. I love reading what you have to say. I'm sure other readers do, too. Your compliments, criticisms, and interpretations enhance the quality of this site tremendously. The reason I don't often reply to comments is because I feel that Prosopopoeia is already solipsistic enough without my voice drowning out the comment section, too. This is an autobiographical comic, and as such, I've already had my say by the time you reach the end of the page. The comment section is where you have the chance to speak. I don't want to over-determine anyone's interpretation of Prosopopoeia by adding additional commentary outside the text at hand. And I certainly don't want to deny you any possible meanings by closing down potential avenues of thought with further notes on each page.


Author replies work for other comics. Given this comic's subject matter, however, I simply don't see how my responses can be fruitful. I respect your opinions. So I try to let them breathe, lest I inadvertently silence them.


Thank you for your understanding.

Lex writes:

“Next arc, "Mnemonics," launches this weekend.”

Hello everybody! Sorry for the delay with posting the next arc. I've been battling a few deadlines, which places all the worthwhile aspects of life on the back burner. Anyhow, I expect to finish the script for "Mnemonics" this week, and the first page will go up this weekend. Thanks for your patience!